The idea of establishing a modern English medium school came to our mind after consultation with other senior members of the family including Maulana Wahiduddin khan, a noted Arabic scholar of modern time, yameenual Islam Khan, a retired chief engineer and son of Allama Iqbal Ahmed Suhail, and Dr. Ahmed Shafi Ansari Professor of chemistry at Azamgarh. All of them were of the opening that a school be opened to benefit those students who are unable to go to cities for better education and their families cannot migrate due to unsaid reasons, finally the school started functioning in the year 2000 with only 50 students. The construction of the new school building started in the same year and within 12 months the school became very popular and students from different villages started pouring in for admission. In a recorded time of 3 years the school was affiliated to central bard of secondary education New Delhi.

We took a sigh of relief as we could see that our dream is going to be fulfilled. Initially the parents were not very comfortable with the co-educational system but with the passage of time the parents observed that the standard and quality of education and discipline of the school is exemplary. At present students from 90 different villages are being benefitted and the school busses are plying to cover at least 30 KM radius. I was overwhelmed by the great achievement of the school, when 2 students were invited to George Washington and Harvard university of USA by people to people organization, I the world students’ leadership summit.

I hope in coming years this school will touch new heights.. Amin